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Originally Posted by Sam Stone View Post
Let's get something straight then - Democrats in the Senate have been FAR more partisan on Supreme Court judges than have Republicans.

For example, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who was a very liberal candidate in her day, only got 3 no votes from Republicans. Justice Thomas from the same era had 46 votes against him. And of course Robert Bork was met with such hostility that he had to withdraw. Stephen Breyer had only 9 'nay' votes from Republicans. Alito had 40 nay votes from Democrats, while SotoMayor had 31 from Republicans. John Roberts even had 22 nay votes from Democrats, and no one could identify a thing wrong with him other than that he was slightly to the right. Kagan had 36 nay votes from Republicans, while Gorsuch had 43 nay votes from Democrats. All of these judges were qualified and had outstanding records, which is all that's supposed to matter. And of course, Kavanaugh was subject to the kind of smear campaign we haven't seen since Bork, and 48 Democrats voted against him.

Garland. Not to mention the entirely reasonable scrutiny faced by Thomas and Kavanaugh, based on the credible allegations made against them.

What a joke. It's hard to believe that anyone actually finds this plausible. At best, this is a demonstration of the entirely different universes we live in.
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