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Originally Posted by russian heel View Post
Last week I posted a Tweet as an inside joke from a well known media show. Somehow Twitter decided the content of the joke violated their rules and suspended me.

I appealed, explained the joke, the context of it, and a few days later I was informed my Twitter account was permanently suspended. I contend this was an unfair decision and let Twitter know as such.

I know further attempts to set up an account on the same IP address will fail, as the suspension notice informed me these efforts will fail (I tried they are right). I have been able to set up accounts on different WiFi networks but ultimately my goal is to get back on Twitter using my iPhone, anywhere, everywhere.

Is there a tertiary appeals process? Is there a work around?

I am not willing to get into the details of the violation because that will hijack this thread. I can assure everyone if it makes them feel better I strongly disagree with Twitters decision. Lets move forward with the assumption Twitter made a mistake with the interpretation of their suspension policy.
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