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Originally Posted by Kearsen1 View Post
If the people see the leader of Israel as Israel and the Jewish people are a pretty lock step group, then yes I can see those Jewish people NOT supporting people whom they feel are anti-Semitic. In this case, the congress people (even though they still support Democratic policies)
If you're talking about Jews, then in my experience, most of "the people" (i.e. Jews like me) do NOT "see the leader of Israel as Israel". Perhaps some do, but in my experience the vast majority do not.

The second part is correct -- Jews generally don't support people who they feel are anti-Semitic. A big part of my opposition to Trump is the hatred and bigotry he's spouted, including anti-Semitic stuff (as well as tolerance/support for the anti-Semitism of others).

If all you are doing here is calling out Trump for trying to be political, then I surrender. You have won that battle long ago.
I'm not calling him out for being political, but for being anti-Semitic. What he said was anti-Semitic on multiple levels.

I'm not aware of anything anti-Semitic from Tlaib. Omar gave a solid (IMO) apology for the anti-Semtic statement she made a while back. Trump has never apologized for the many hateful and bigoted things he's said.

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