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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post

A complete view of the evidence is that the efficacy of e-cigs as a class in increasing cigarette quit rates is .. not so strong. A 2016 Lancet meta-analysis -

Yeah, LESS successful quitting using e-cigs than not.

Eh. Another medical conspiracy to hide the facts. So let's ignore this quality meta-analysis and for discussion's sake assume that the combination of removing the need to smoke to feed the addiction, and the continuation of the perceived social functions of smoking (in-group, having a prop, etc), help facilitate cessation of smoking cigarettes. ....
Sure, no doubt. But medical experts also know that quiting smoking is quite hard and many smokers have to try various methods. I personally know a half dozen smokers who now only vape.

Will e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?
E-cigarettes aren't an FDA-approved quit aid.

Studies to test whether e-cigarettes can help people stop using tobacco have had inconsistent results. Limited research suggests that using only e-cigarettes containing nicotine to quit smoking can be effective short term compared with using medicinal nicotine replacements. But there isn't enough evidence comparing the safety and effectiveness of using e-cigarettes to quit smoking and established evidence-based treatments. E-cigarettes might be appropriate only in those unwilling to try evidence-based smoking cessation therapies or haven't had success with such therapies.

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