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Shouldn't we ban chewing tobacco? Adults might purchase chewing tobacco for a child under the age of 18 and supply the tobacco to them.

Shouldn't we require all cars to have biometric ignitions? Otherwise, children might obtain the keys their caretakers left unsecured, obtain access to the vehicle, and cause a car accident.

Shouldn't we ban all guns? Caretakers might leave firearms unsecured in a residential home, and a kid might obtain access to the weapon and deliberately or accidentally fire it, causing injury.

Shouldn't we also ban all pornography from the internet? Caretakers might leave their kids alone with a device that can access the internet, and a kid might enter the address of a site containing pornography and see it.

And knives. And sharp corners. And electric outlets without safety covers and GFCIs.

Everywhere. Think of the children. They must be safe.