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Previous IQs:

IQ1: Were you FDRs Secretary of Commerce, and a key architect of the New Deal and the Lend-Lease program? - Harry Hopkins

IQ2: Were a former vice-president who ran against Richard Nixon, during which campaign a famous picture was taken of a hole in your shoe sole? - I was thinking of Hubert Humphrey, yes. Was it Adlai Stevenson who had the hole-in-shoe picture? In any case, correct.

IQ3: Were you an Irish-Italian mafioso-turned-F.B.I. informant, whose story was the basis of a classic Mafia movie? - Correct, Henry Hill. This was an "H.H" trifecta!

Originally Posted by De La Rue View Post
IQ1: Take a DQ.
IQ2: Isn't this Adlai Stevenson? Were you also thinking of Humphrey?
IQ3: I am not Henry Hill.
DQ: Known for the creative arts?

IQ1: Are McDonald's characters considered a rip-off of your show?
IQ2: Were you a New York Times investigative journalist who covered Watergate?
IQ3: Did you burn the topless towers of Illium?