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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
No, that decision doesnt say that at all. It says that local and state governments may ban " assault weapons
and large capacity magazines with the ability “to
accept more than 10 rounds.”

So, yeah, you can ban some semi automatic rifles if they have a 10+ round magazine which most semi automatic deer rifles do not.

In no way did SCOTUS rule that "No civilian has any legitimate use for an automatic or semi-automatic rifle.".

In most areas they are still quite legal to own.

Do note that in that decision there is this "In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570
(2008), this Court established that the Second
Amendment provides an individual right to possess
firearms, and specifically the right to possess a
handgun for self-defense in the home. "

So, as I have said repeatedly, such reasonable limitations on the 2nd Ad are quite legal.

Altho of course such a ban is pointless and stupid since such weapons are almost never used in crimes. But still- legal.
Do you ever read past the first paragraph? You should, because it says:

Petitioners have not and cannot demonstrate
why a case involving restrictions on assault weapons
and large capacity magazines -- an area for which
there is neither a conflict among the circuits, nor any
confusion concerning the proper constitutional
standard to apply -- would provide an appropriate
forum for this Court to revisit its decisions in Heller
and McDonald. The consistent decisions of the
courts below do not merit further review by this
IOW, "You were told NO, now quit your whining".

Additionally, it's become clear to me that engaging with you in these discussions really is, "pointless and stupid".
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