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Originally Posted by harmonicamoon View Post
Maybe because arms are not readily available here. Maybe because Obrador is popular here.
Colibri and Telemark hit on some key points with respect to intentional homicides in general and political violence specifically. This deserves some attention, too.

Legal guns are much more controlled. Arms are easily and readily accessible to the cartels that have turned the Mexican border states and certain other key areas into violent quagmires with weak rule of law.

Some of what they get is just off the shelf and smuggled in from America pistols and semiautomatic rifles. When you already have significant smuggling routes across the US-Mexican border there's less reason to spend black market prices to smuggle in the basics. Make no mistake though, because of their smuggling routes in from the rest of the world arms way beyond anything legal are easy for the cartels to get. They get automatic weapons, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, and explosives. Along with pretty advanced IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) produced locally they also have gotten their hands on military produced landmines and things like the M18A1 Claymore command detonated directional mine. They have gotten there hands on things like heavy machineguns that can penetrate light armored vehicles and light/medium mortars to provide indirect fire support. There's even been the seizure of a MANPAD (MAN Portable Air Defense) missile. For all that the rhetoric about "weapons of war" in the US gun control debate, Mexican cartels really do supply their forces like light infantry formations maintained by many nations.

You may face strict limits on buying a gun. The cartels don't. They are trained and equipped to directly fight Mexican military units trying to take back control of the country. They a proven ability to defeat small Mexican military units in close combat when they choose to. They mostly choose not to. It's a business decision for them. They are looking at return on investment for the costs of combat operations. They also have to worry about a competing cartels taking advantage if they take heavy losses.

Don't mistake that choice on their part for inability or a lack of access to arms. It's not. Parts of your country really are Iraq, during the US counterinsurgency, levels of bad for the security situation. If those cartels get pissed enough at Obrador, they can bring levels and types of force to bear that the US Secret Service doesn't have to deal with.

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