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I'm actually okay with such moderating--as long as it is consistent. If people have to back up their claims that someone is arguing in bad faith, then that should include another trend that I have seen Bone himself employ: accusing posters of being unable to accept that other points of view--often made political by directing it towards liberals.

This argument is made without any actual evidence that such is occurring in the thread, and avoids actually making the counterargument so that it can be left to scrutiny. It's just a way of going after the posters because you don't like their argument.

I'm not a big fan of these short, pithy replies that contain no actual argument, and I don't think they have any place in GD. But it needs to be consistent, and not just the argument mentioned in the OP, which is more often directed towards conservative posters than liberals. It has to go both ways to be fair.