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Originally Posted by Max S. View Post
If you have a case to make, I don't see why you need to make it in public versus by private message to the moderators (or the report function).
For years, women protested against the misogynistic comments that far too many men casually posted without consequences. Then the women figuratively stood up, took center stage, and yelled loudly. Surprise, surprise, the mods did a total turnaround and began, shock, moderating those comments. The Usual Suspects, and yes, they were indeed those and everybody knew their names, whined bitterly and were told to stuff it. Some were banned, some left, some got careful, and the board got a bit better, though not perfect.

We all know who the other set of Usual Suspects are. I've reported posts and received no reaction from the mods. Others have as well. Not only do the mods not take action against them, they protect them and call out those who oppose aloud. This is behavior extremely similar to what the women of the Dope long despaired about.

If you're new enough not to understand the coded language I'm using, then this post may be gibberish. Code is all that is allowed in ATMB. I'm betting that the mods can decipher me. You there, in the mod loop, can you hear me now?