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Originally Posted by MrDibble View Post
Rhetoric is not snark.
A true statement. Of no relevance but true.

Rhetoric can be used to communicate profound truths ... or snark ... or even hate speech.

You donít think the mod comment was for use of rhetoric, do you?

The intention of that specific use of rhetoric was to insult and it was used by a poster with ( we now know) six warnings already for insults. The mod in question has been cracking down on insults in that forum by ALL political stripes. Posters have been suspended and even banned.

A heads up advisement that phrasing an insult in the form of a question will still be seen as an insult to someone who has enough warnings that a ban or suspension at least might be required for another warning seems nice to me.

If your issue is that you think the insult is in context mild enough to not deserve moderation then in isolation Iíd agree. But in context of multiple past warnings for personal insults? Well given.