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I'll say for the billionth time (using the rhetorical device known as hyperbole) that just because a post hasn't been moderated doesn't mean it's allowed. We're volunteers. We aren't on 24/7, and we don't (can't) read every post. Sometimes real life intrudes, and several mods have been on travel recently. And even if a post is reported, the report can be missed, because we receive a lot of reports. So if a post hasn't been moderated that you think should have been, go ahead and report it. And if it isn't moderated, you're welcome to PM a forum mod to ask about their reasoning (after allowing a reasonable time for response).
Exactly. Many people feel that it is government's responsibility to make us behave instead of OUR responsibility as citizens. The SDMB is a microcosm of that attitude. If we all make a more sincere effort to control our verbal impulses and "play well with others", it would go a long way. Believe me, I can have quite a month on me, but I have made an effort to curtail that, and it has definitely helped my demeanor.
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