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Originally Posted by Colibri View Post
Yes it is. That's why that should be the first recourse when you find a post offensive.

tomndebb quoted and moderated a different post by a different poster, not the "Nuke Mecca" one. It was an ethnic joke about Saudis, and as far as I can see it deserved the note it received (which indeed is a form of sanction). No other GD mod posted in the thread.

Checking reports, as far as I can see nobody reported the "Nuke Mecca" post between the time it was made, on 20 September, and the time the thread was last active, on 22 September. I haven't checked every report since then so it could possibly have been reported subsequently.

Since no one else reported it, it would have drawn the attention of the mods.

I'll say for the billionth time (using the rhetorical device known as hyperbole) that just because a post hasn't been moderated doesn't mean it's allowed. We're volunteers. We aren't on 24/7, and we don't (can't) read every post. Sometimes real life intrudes, and several mods have been on travel recently. And even if a post is reported, the report can be missed, because we receive a lot of reports. So if a post hasn't been moderated that you think should have been, go ahead and report it. And if it isn't moderated, you're welcome to PM a forum mod to ask about their reasoning (after allowing a reasonable time for response).

As it is, you have made an entirely baseless accusation that the post, which you never reported (and apparently no one else did), was not moderated because it was by a Trump supporter, a fact that only became evident two weeks after the post was made. I do think you owe the staff an apology. And I would also suggest that before you make a complaint, you read the thread and posts you're complaining about more carefully.
We are talking past each other. I was referring to this post by Bone, not any post by tomndebb.

Originally Posted by Bone View Post
Do not post threats or state or imply that any individual or group is deserving of harm.

I recommend you familiarize yourself with the rules of the board and each forum you post in. This post was made and unfortunately I missed the thread report at the time or else I would have offered you the same advice.

I recommend toning down your rhetoric in order to participate civilly in these forums.