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Originally Posted by Bone View Post
If we were to compare "you don't care about finding facts" with "you're stupid", then certainly the latter is more severe. But the former is still moddable as it is personalization and not argument.

To clarify, my instruction was to prohibit the tactic as a way of insulting other posters.

There's a few factors at play here:
  • I indicated in the thread that I made the post in, but I will reiterate here. Comments about moderation belong in ATMB. Do not continue to make snide remarks about moderation within the threads in the various forums.
  • As I indicated in the post you took exception to, I missed the initial thread report. It was reported on a Friday afternoon, and looking at my calendar I was out of the office that afternoon. I did look at reports and was on the boards that weekend, however clearly I missed it. That was a mistake on my part. If I had seen it initially, I would have moderated it at that time.
  • In addition, our email alerts for post reports has been wonky for about the past year. As a result, we often get post reports delayed, sometimes up to more than a day. Sometimes they come out of order, etc. I searched my email alerts and this one was not ever sent. I typically manually go through all the thread reports when I am on the board, but I do so less from my phone which I tend to read from on the weekends.
  • We tend to avoid issuing warnings for stale posts, and that practice holds here.
  • We also tend to avoid issuing warnings for brand new posters. They may be unfamiliar with the rules, so typically I recommend to them they read the rules, etc.
  • We were already in discussion about that particular poster and I didn't see the need to issue warnings if they were ultimately going to be banned anyways, which they now have. I quoted it in the note because I wanted to highlight that that type of comment wasn't acceptable.
Thank you for your explanation, in particular the last paragraph. That makes the decision sound much more reasonable than it appeared at the time. Thank you also for volunteering your time to help the board run smoothly. I apologize for the snark and for inappropriately addressing the moderation within the thread itself. In the end, the right decision was made, and it's not a big deal that it was made a few hours after I thought it should have been.