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Originally Posted by Schnitte View Post
We all understand Standard German, which is (as the name implies) the standardised variant of the language in which books are printed, films and TV shows are shot (unless it's a book, film or show which specifically makes a point of using dialect), and which is what they'll teach you when you study German as a foreign language. ....
In Britain there seems to be a policy or at least desire to reflect the diversity of accents in the nation among TV newsreaders and reporters, which is great. I assume its mainly accents, but fairly closely following standard English rather than dialectic newsreading.

Does a similar thing occur in Germany or other accent-rich countries?

Australia has negligible regional diversity of accent, apart from a bush-rural broader accent and a sharper standard-educated-city divide, and you only get the broader accent with reporters interviewing farmers before lapsing into normal speak for 'Back to the studio'.