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Originally Posted by EinsteinsHund View Post
Here is a humorous video from one of my favorite youtubers Trixie (DontTrustTheRabbit) demonstrating 12 different German dialects. She's really quite good at it. Can you hear the differences?

And here's a classic sketch from Peter Frankenfeld reading the weather forecast in the dialects of the regions/cities he's pointing at.
Thank you!

In the girl's video, I can hear some of the differences by reading the words and how I "expect" them to sound. But two comments: she is way too fast! No time to digest if you aren't a German speaker. And she should really be saying (nearly, at least) the same thing in each dialect, so people like me can learn the differences.

The weather guy was just too subtle for me.

I read that when they finally allowed Hogan's Heroes on German TV, each character had a different accent to emphasize their character. Like Inglourious Basterds, I wish I could experience that as it was meant.