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Originally Posted by Ike Witt View Post
Yeah, it was for sure Akira but at the end Jerry mentioned akita.
Is this a whoosh? At the end, Jerry talks about “anime stuff happening to my son”; and, if you listen to the slightly odd way he pronounces “ann-ee-may”, I think it retroactively makes his earlier remark clearer.

Like, picture a guy saying he’s studied karate, but picture him pretentiously saying it almost like it was “Kah-Da-Tay”. Try it a couple of times yourself: get a smug look on your face, and say: “I’ve studied [pause] Kah-Da-Tay.” And then, still in character, say your son was in an Akira situation; but (a) pause ever so slightly just before you say “Akira”, and then (b) say it as “Ah-Ki-Da”.

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