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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
You keep trying to draw some drop-dead nexus between one thing and the other, and it's complete bullshit as if Trump was emboldened on July 25, 2019, and not beforehand.

The earliest known contact where Rudy Giuliani sent his henchmen to meet with Ukrainian officials was clear back in 2018. You believe Giuliani was doing this because... why? On his own initiative, nothing to do with Trump? No, wait, we don't have to guess. Per Wikipedia:

(Emphasis mine)

It's also painfully obvious you have no idea how the whole subpoena thing would have gone. Mueller would have wasted literally years trying to obtain testimony that would never have consisted of more than, "I assert my rights under the Fifth Amendment." I'm sure you'd have been the first one whining if Mueller had in fact pursued Trump's (non) testimony and not submitted his report until, oh, May 2021.
We don't know, you included. Courts expedite stuff in the emergent national interest. We survived 2000.

IMO trinp is a fascist and needs to be challenged on every front in public. The lack of this I think has been harmful to democracy.

We need stronger enforcement and media coverage. I honestly don't know if democracy can survive the loss of the fairness doctrine. If you compare 1973 to now it's obvious. No one could have predicted the gaslighting and the ease with which it is occurring in 2019. Trump needs to be trolled and challenged until he loses his shit, and it should have started on day one.

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