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I agree with Cosby. I was a teen when he first released an album in 1964. I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. Now, I had seen many of the comics of the day on programs like Ed Sullivan, and some of them raised a laugh or guffaw, but none had me howling like Cosby did. He was also consistent over all those decades in keeping his humor fresh and clean. He was one of the few who could go on stage with just some ideas and do an hour of stand-up. Most other comedians were in awe of him for that.

The next person to make me laugh like that was George Carlin. More cerebral than Cosby, he was terrific at pointing out human foibles.

And then came Eddie Murphy. I was in tears listening to his "Delirious" album. I've never laughed that hard before or since.

And lastly, there's Tim Conway. His combination of verbal and physical comedy still makes me howl.