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Originally Posted by cmosdes View Post
Huh. When was the last chimp you met that lived the lifestyle of a billionaire? One that owned multiple luxury resorts? One that was elected president?

People have never made a chimp President.
Because there's never been a chimp in Trump's position.

Originally Posted by Inigo Montoya View Post
Trump got there exactly because he understood his electorate and appealed to it in the right way through a series of calculated steps and statements.
No, he got to be President because the Republicans spent decades propagandizing their base into idolizing bigotry, cruelty, stupidity and arrogance; Trump just exemplifies more that more than the people they intended to take advantage of it. He doesn't make calculated statements, he emits verbal white noise his followers interpret to mean what they like.

He accidentally stepped into the hole they carved into themselves and rode the machine they made to victory.