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Originally Posted by Annoyed View Post
For a forum that sells itself as “fighting ignorance” there really are some dumb motherfuckers on here.

Popular vote was nothing more than anecdotal, meaningless horseshit. It’s not even how the game is played. Invoking it is something the sour grapes crew has fixated on.

Good grief, you're one mighty stupid moron! Anecdote is a story. It's a fact that the majority of voters in the 2016 presidential election voted for one particular candidate, not the candidate with the abomination on his head. It's a fact that the Electoral College selected Trump, not the person who, going by the usual meaning of "the will of the people", was selected by said will of the people. I did not say anything other than the facts of the matter. The "sour grapes" bit is something you are pretending to read into what I posted.

Stop being a liar and you won't have so many problems here. Well, you'll still be a problem, but you'll be less of one.