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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
And you want laws that prohibit any immigration. So you're saying you're okay with immigrants as long as they don't immigrate. (At least as far as immigrants from "shithole countries" are concerned.)

Let's drop the nonsense about people coming from right wing countries and left wing countries. Nobody inherits a political ideology. Do you feel children born in America while Bill Clinton or Barack Obama were President are liberals and children born while George Bush or Donald Trump were President are conservative?

What you mean is you think white people vote for Republicans and non-white people vote for Democrats.

The Democrats aren't courting non-white voters. They're getting non-white voters because people like you have turned the Republicans into the white man's party.
Ok, statistically, how do people from south of the border vote?

First year non-English speaking migrants overwhelmingly vote democrat. This is a statistical fact.

You may have good intentions (doubt it) but your politicians donít, and they know exactly what they are doing.