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The Great Ongoing Guitar Thread

Face it, there's been a lot of guitar threads over the last month or so. Some of us are pro-quality players, some of us (like me) are just starting out again for the third time. And some of us just like to sit around and bullshit.

There's been a lot of good information in the threads, but eventually they sink to the bottom and vanish. So... let's just keep this one alive.

My latest news: A: Hal Leonard's book just wasn't working for me. But I found one that is. Comes with a DVD, and it really teaches you what you need to know.
Learning Electric Guitar, Patrick McCormick and Greg Douglass.
Apparently discontinued, I picked it up at a local store, I'm really liking it.
Engaging, tells you what you need to know, gets you started using your whole hand right away. I'm going to pick Bob back up after I finish this, for some better traditional learning, but I want some results to show.

B: There is a thing called a String Winder for when you need to restring and not just tune the guitar. I should get one of those.
This one has a cutter.

C: there are very small amps for playing in your apartment and not for your neighbors.
Dunno how good they are. There's this one and a mini-Marshall I'm looking at.
Anyone have an opinion?

Annd D: I learned that strings have multiple gauges, some heavier than others. They tend to be measured by the high E, so the normal one is .9, but there is .10, .11, and so on.

This causes confusion when you want a B-string and go armed knowing it was a .11... and the music store employee doesn't know guitars worth a damn either.

How you guys doin?