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Well, DUNE is wearing out my habitat builder's battery. The central spires are built and partially reinforced, and all moonpools are installed and functional, though not in use yet. The first ring of observation is coming along nicely, with foundations and some growbeds installed, as well as observatories to watch passing leviathans. Now I'm mining all the quartz I can find (and the scanner installation is showing it's mettle in the search) for more observation rings and the four large aquariums that will be the centerpieces of the outer spires. Thermal vents have been located, so power should be little issue. If there is, there's two or three more vents nearby that can be exploited.

I took a small vacation to punch a reaper in the face, and it was impressively satisfying. He might have run away to hide (though they seem to wander quite a bit), but the scanner still picks up three, including one that likes to circle a hundred meters or so above DUNE. I'll encourage him to relocate shortly.

All in all, DUNE is coming along nicely. Titan I is adept at dodging leviathans (as I knew he was, given the excitement of leaving the primary containment facility. Had I known a sea dragon was hiding in that canyon, I might have decided on another route.