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Originally Posted by Lightnin' View Post
I'm actually kind of stuck, now.

I built a Cyclops, and I've managed to upgrade my Seamoth to the maximum depth. I've built my launch pad, but now I'm being asked for resources I can't get at the safe depths... so clearly I need to start going deeper.

Unfortunately, everything deeper is guarded by leviathans. Every time I try to go to the depths, I get attacked... and, while I've got defenses, I don't have any weapons. My Cyclops and Seamoth just become target practice, and I can't shoot back- because I haven't found any weapons blueprints.

And it's freakin' terrifying down there, too.
I actually use the prawn suit heavily for what you are talking about. Bring it into the region you want with your cyclops then drop it off. If you have the armor upgrade it helps a lot, as well as either the punch default or drill, as it hurts the critters trying to eat you. But you can harvest and even drill right from the suit, and with the storage upgrade you can get a lot into the thing. Then just bring it back to the cyclops (which, if you have it built right has all your storage and build devices right there) and away you go after grabbing a quick snack and drink at the onboard farm.

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