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If you're having leviathan problems, there's a few things you can do. First would be to build and install the sonar. Most things won't attack you until you're really close, and judicious use of the sonar can tell you where the big things are that you should stay away from. Another thing is to manage your engine speeds and sound. The aggro radius of leviathans is determined mostly by the noise you make. Run it slow if you know there's leviathans nearby, and try the silent running when they're REALLY close. Make sure to turn off silent running when you don't absolutely need it, however. It sucks a ton of juice. And don't be afraid to carry an extra set of charged power cells - there's nothing like being stuck deep with no power to get home. I had to do a run home in a Poseidon II just to charge everything up to get Titan I out of a cave.

There's not really any weapons, however. There are gas torpedoes that can eventually do some damage, but they're designed more for defensive purposes.