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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
My main base was so built up that by the time I went down there, I had nearly everything that could be built except for nickel and kyanite and sulfur crystals, plus lockers full of spare materials. The only thing I needed was a single power cell charge, and a moon pool to build the final mods. I thought of adding more, but it seemed superfluous at that point.
On my first playthrough this was what I did, but this last time I build a bunch of smaller bases, many of which were just a scanner room and some kind of power. The base I built to really explore the lost river system was probably my most extensive, even if it was just a couple of rooms. The cyclops was probably my main base in this game, as it had I could move it around. The only thing I wish it has was a resource scanner, but then if they gave us that I wouldn't have built anything but the sub after the first base.

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