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Originally Posted by Left Hand of Dorkness View Post
I'm not gonna spoiler things, since anyone who's read this far in the thread should know what they're in for.

At various places in the deep dark, there are entrances to an underground "river" of green glowy acid. Look down amidst the blood vines. I took a few beacons in the seamoth and toodled around until I found them; ended up finding two different places, and using the one that allowed easier access for the cyclops.
Yeah, exactly. Basically the next stage is exploration of the lost river system. There is a pod near one of the entrances...I don't recall what the pod number is but it's one that's pretty deep and near a lot of the blood oil plant thingies. You will see a cave mouth and what looks like a series of waterfalls (which is really cool under the ocean), and if you follow those you'll find a lot. You will definitely need that prawn suit with a maxed out pressure compensator, and you'll want to have your drill arm and grapple attachment as well (I'd also recommend the thermal generator and increased armor, as well as the larger suit storage, but you'll have to swap things in and out to make the most of all of that).

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