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Originally Posted by Hoopy Frood View Post
I picked Subnautica up when Epic was running the free deal for it. I played it a bunch in December, but have been too busy to play it much this month.

I do have a question, and feel free to spoiler box the answers, but what would be the best place to build my first actual expansion base (which I plan to make my main base)? I've been relying on my Safe Shallows base which is getting to the point where I dont' want to upgrade it anymore, because it's not really near anywhere I need to go. This is my current game status:
This game is best when it isn't spoiled, so all I'm going to say is that the lifepods are positioned in ways intended to make you stumble onto interesting things. Picking one that seems in an interestingly different region and putting a base nearby wouldn't be amiss.

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