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Ok, as good as I thought this game was, it's even better. Holy crap! Spoilering my whole post because you really need to play through this game the first time as unspoiled as possible.


Every time I discover a new no one I am seriously blown away. When I was starting out and first exploring the kelp forest, I was terrified. I don't know why, but I have always found kelp forests kinda creepy, and in this game with the orange glow offsetting the dim green lights... it was terrifying.

And then I got to the red grass seas, and the majestic feedbacks that gently soar overhead combined with the immense sense of scale that this place gives you, despite being only a few hundred meters across -- outstanding.

And then things started getting weird -- or so I thought at the time. The mushroom forests, with their dense alien outcroppings and dense schools of fish - this is the first time that I truly felt like I was on an alien world rather than the tropics with a twist.

But I needed diamonds to make a laser cutter, so deeper I went, all the way past the roots of the mushrooms and into a truly alien world in perpetual near-darkness punctuated by massive globes composed of thousands of tiny neon blue lights. And in this dark abyss the first predator to truly scare me -- the bone shark -- prowled.

I haven't been deeper yet, though I'm excited to do so soon. I just got back from the floating island and I have some advanced base upgrades to deploy! Finally, real rooms, not a base of hallways!

On the way back from the floating island, I happened to glance down and see a massive field of glowing blue alien spheres, held in place by what looks like cables. I nope'd right out of there. I'll be back MUCH later :P