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So so good.

Senorbeef, if I could change one thing, I'd add an automap feature that let you track where you'd already been. This is a very minor spoiler, but I'll spoiler it anyway:

Near the end of the game, there was a random upgrade that you 100% need the plans for in order to complete the game. I had never stumbled across it in my normal exploration phase, and by the time I realized it was essential, I'd forgotten where I'd already been. I spent about two hours retracing areas where I'd already been and trying to leave enough buoys floating around that I could "map" my explored areas--to no avail. Finally I resorted to a Wiki to find where that random upgrade could randomly appear.

An automap would be 100% in keeping with the game's aesthetic, and could be something as simple as a grid that shows your location and cubes that appear once you enter an area; too much detail would make it harder to use. Maybe the cubes could be yellow as soon as you first enter them, and blue once you've thoroughly traveled through them, or something like that.