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Originally Posted by UDS View Post
A "chambers" is a bunch of barristers who share office space, support staff, etc without being in a business partnership with one another, or having any interest in one another's earnings. You could think of it as a purchasing co-op whereby a bunch of self-employed sole traders pool their resources to buy accommodation, support services, resources, facilities, etc that they can all use.

Typically, they will all be on one premises, and that premises will also be referred to as their "chambers".
And typically, are all represented by the same "clerk", who is as the "manager' is to an entertainment act like Elvis Presley. So there is never a big conflict of commercial interest for the 'clerk" He gets his cut either way. But not always the same clerk! In which case there is a conflict of commercial interest, and, by my very limited observation, the commercial relationship can get a bit testy.