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Originally Posted by Beckdawrek View Post
The lil'wrekker has been on an internship at another University for 3 weeks. Apparently it's a great honor to be chosen for this. Proud of her? Yes, of course. She ended it up Thursday. Called me to let me know she'd be in for the weekend. And "Couldn't I please put money in her account?" As the bank of Momma-money-bags I said "sure".
I go on line to look on her account. Holy-bejesus. She's over drawn by $17.00. How can you overdraw on a debit card?
$17.00 od ammt.
$25.00 fee
$15.00 fee to post a deposit immediately
$100.00 deposit=
So she could eat at Taco bell Wednesday evening.
She got home. I asked her about her bad decisions and the debacle. She, of course cried and made me feel bad. Promises made to do better. She had supper with family and was happy and chattering away. She really is the bright light of this bunch. Always a blessing to be around.
I swear to god, I couldn't believe it. She had the temerity to ask her Dad for money to go to town and go to the movie with her penniless boyfriend. Of course he gave her a crisp new $100 bill. Wth?
I will be giving this girl money when she 40yo.
I just know it.
My youngest sister to a "T". A delight to spend time with, and always was, as we get along super well, but an absolute airhead when it comes to money management. She's married w/kids and technically upper-middle class "on paper", but still sucking wind finance-wise: Dodged financial bullets through other's generosity, but thinks things always work out because "things always work out".