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To me fascism is about ultra-conformity. it's about making sure that everyone stays in their culturally-defined role, by force if necessary. A dictator is not completely necessary. We all know how oppressive a community can be to those who "get uppity." I hear people ask, "How could anyone be in favor of fascism?" Well, those in charge sure love any system that is all about keeping them in charge. But it extends throughout a culture. Favored groups can act in a fascist nature too, when they choose leaders to enforce the status quo or oppress those trying to change the situation. I am always wary of anyone whose politics is based on The Way It Used To Be. This is someone from a favored group trying to push down at those trying to rise up from lower down the pyramid. Fascists have traditionally harnessed this to push their agenda. Sowing fear among the voters of hated minorities who are gaining "at the expense of us good people."

Isn't it funny that the higher you go in the pyramid, the more morally acceptable the pyramid becomes.
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