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Originally Posted by zoog View Post

I haven't seen anything about this until today, but this is disturbing. As of yesterday, we don't have a quorum of commissioners on the FEC to enforce election law. I wonder if this will find its way into the mainstream reporting over the next few days?

We do have one pending nominee that Trump sent to the Senate ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO, but the Senate hasn't acted on that yet. And if that nomination is confirmed, that would put 2 Republicans, 1 Democrat, and 1 independent on the commission (which by law can't have more than three members out of the six from one party). Seems to me like it's nearly certain that we'll have an intentionally unbalanced FEC via inaction in the best case, or one that just can't enforce election laws in the worst case because they lack a quorum.

And the three remaining commissioners are all serving well past their six year terms. Seriously, how the hell is this flying under the radar?
Your use of the phrase "intentionally unbalanced" struck me as amusing.