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Originally Posted by Lance Turbo View Post
So they could say, "Joe Biden's son is on our board of directors." The entirety of his duties and responsibilities was to be Joe Biden's kid. It's good work if you can get it.
I can't blame him for getting it. Him using his father to get a cushy job is a lot different than him using his father to do some corrupt things for personal gain.

There is no evidence that Hunter broke any laws. Ongoing investigations against Burisma are focused on before he was even hired.

Joe Biden did make noise about firing Shokin but he was not alone: "...the international community came to view Shokin as too weak on corruption, despite his promises to investigate wrongdoing. The United States, the International Monetary Fund, and others pressured Ukraine to investigate corruption more thoroughly, but Shokin took no serious action.

Biden threatened to withhold aid if the prosecutor wasn’t fired, and he was. Importantly, Biden was not freelancing, but was acting as a representative of President Barack Obama. There’s no evidence that Biden was helping his son. Shokin’s former deputy, who quit in frustration over his boss’s intransigence, told Bloomberg in May that the U.S. wasn’t pushing to drop probes of Burisma. “There was no pressure from anyone from the U.S. to close cases against Zlochevsky,” he said. “It was shelved by Ukrainian prosecutors in 2014 and through 2015.”

In effect, Biden’s pressure to install a tougher prosecutor probably made it more likely, not less, that Burisma would be in the cross hairs." (The Atlantic) Emphasis mine.

Also, none of this has anything to to with Trump's impeachment, despite what Trump and our moderator who is allowing this talk in this thread will lead you to believe. Had Trump asked the FBI to investigate, above board and for all to see, none of this would be an issue. Had Trump simply released the aid that was earmarked by Congress to the Ukraine and not held it up (or had a good reason to hold it up, which he hasn't been able to provide) he wouldn't be dealing with impeachment. Even if Hunter Biden and his dad were the crookedest crooks who ever crooked and Trump knew it, he still had a dozen different ways to deal with it without doing the things that caused his impeachment inquiry.

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