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Originally Posted by TroutMan View Post
I certainly agree that when the damn breaks, it goes quickly. But we're not there yet, and the excessive optimism by some people here is reminiscent of the days before the Mueller report was released.

Keep the wine in the cellar for now. There's a lot of investigation and testimony still needed, and a lot of time for Trump and his allies to counterattack.
That's a fair criticism, and point taken.

The only thing I would say in my defense is that it was impossible to know that Barr would lie and interfere so shamelessly with the release of the Mueller report. Anyone who reads it has no illusions about the breadth and depth of Russian involvement in the 2016 election or the complete criminality of Trump.

But no, I'm not busting out the wine just yet.

I do think Trump is running out of allies, and there is little room for counterattacks based on what's already before the public -- as released by himself.