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Originally Posted by Boycott View Post
They give him a pass for:

- being twice divorced
- being accused of sexual assault by twenty different women
- having an affair with a porn star while his third wife just gave birth to their son
- bragging about grabbing women by their private part
- bragging about walking into underage girls changing rooms at the beauty contests he owned
- making incestuous comments about his daughter
- being unable to actually name a verse from the Bible
- being sued for discriminatory business practices towards African Americans
- bigotry towards minorities
- telling over 10000 lies in office

I'm not expecting the Christian supporters of him to ever break. They're a cult. A bunch of phonies. The same people who call him anointed by God spent eight years demonising the last president as a Muslim from Kenya trying to destroy America.
You forget one.

-saying he's never asked Jesus for forgiveness because he's never needed it.

He flat out said in that that he's not saved, yet they still go on like he's God's choice for President.

(I note that these same people didn't care that Clinton not only went to church but had taught Sunday School.)

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