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Originally Posted by TreacherousCretin View Post
Subaru here too.

Here in NW Idaho (COLD snowy winters) Subarus are everywhere, and the stereotype is "liberal."
I live where she is moving and a Subaru is like one of those hankercheif signs that you may not be part of the mainstream. I hear they excellent in the snow though. The Metrowest Boston area generally isn't that bad for snow driving because they clear the roads so quickly. I drove around it for 6 years in a 3 series BMW that was about the worst car you could have in the snow but I made it.

However, there is real risk. We had a snowstorm last week and there was ice on a stretch of I-495 South when I went to work. I didn't notice anything in my vehicle but there were 8 separate wrecks within two miles with cars that had gone into the (very wide) median or into the trees to the other side. There were 4 more within the next 10 miles. I don't think anyone got seriously hurt but some of the cars were destroyed. The only thing they had in common were that they were all just plain vanilla sedans. The rest of us in small SUV's and sport wagons didn't feel anything. We just went slower than usual.

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