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Definitely having a set of winter tires is more important that specific vehicular choice, barring some sort of overpowered RWD muscle car. One secret I'm suprised everyone in snow country doesn't know is that winter tires don't cost anything-- if you get them mounted on an extra set of rims most good tire shops will change them over for free (assuming you bought them there) and every mile you put on your snows is a mile you don't put on your summer tires, so they last twice as long.

That said, there's nothing this side of $30k that performs as well as a Subaru in the snow. They used to be driven by people who really needed the AWD system and were willing to put up with their sub-par reliability and lackluster gas mileage, but those have both massively improved over the past 5 years or so to the point that they're decent choices even if you don't ever leave dry pavement.

(Also, where I am in the Northern Rockies, they're still laughed at as hippie cars, but everyone drives them. I often see deer strapped to the top of them during hunting season.)