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You don't need AWD to drive in a Boston winter. I've lived and commuted from the Boston and Providence suburbs for the last several years in a little Ford Fiesta. The vast majority of people drive ordinary FWD cars. Unless you're moving somewhere that's remote and not plowed in the winters, any car is adequate.

Essentially, in a Boston winter you won't be driving on snow very often. The roads are well-plowed and salted. A few times a year, there will be big snow storms that dump 6" or more of snow in a short amount of time. After these storms, most employers and schools will cancel for a day or two until the roads are plowed. And frankly, everyone should stay off the damn roads. Lots of overconfident AWD SUV drivers decided that they can drive after a big snowstorm, and manage to get stuck on the road and block the snowplows.

In short, what you really need is practice driving in a few inches of snow, when the roads are slick but passable. Snow tires are very helpful and definitely a good idea if you can afford them. Traction control is also nice.

AWD is only helpful if you need to drive through lots of snow -- i.e. if you work in an emergency room and cannot take a day off for a big snow storm it will be useful a few days per year. The only situation where I would consider AWD necessary is if you are moving to a remote area that isn't plowed by the municipal plows. But there aren't many such areas within commuting range of Boston.

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