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Originally Posted by lazybratsche View Post
I was under the impression that winter tires didn't last very long, either in terms of miles or years. I was researching them recently, and off the top of my head I recall that a set of snow tires would only last for three or four winters. That's less than 20k miles, versus 60k-80k miles for the longer-lasting all season tires. So by my estimates, a $600 set of snow tires would only save $200 worth of wear on your summer tires.
they don't; winter tires have thick tread blocs but a very soft compound. They typically don't even carry a treadwear rating. You also don't want to drive them in temperatures above 50F or they'll wear faster. But IMO it makes way more sense to have a set of winter tires on cheap wheels ready to go than worrying about what kind of car is "good in the snow."

The other key thing is that winter tires will do something that no AWD or 4WD system can do, and that is help you stop more effectively. with winters on my car, on snow-covered roads I can stop at a normal braking rate without ABS kicking in.