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Originally Posted by echo7tango View Post
Or if you live in an above/freezing, snowless area and drive a few hundred miles to your winter skiing vacation, that'll eat up those winter tires.
Ok, so what? I really don't have the energy to sit here and nitpick over contrived "But but what ifs" where winter tires might not be the optimum solution. But if someone is asking about what kind of CAR is good in the snow, it stands to reason that they live in an area which gets a non-trivial amount of snow. At which point I think it's reasonable to offer that spending a few hundred bucks on a set of winter tires which will last 3-4 seasons is better than spending a lot more than that on a specific car because someone thinks it's "good in the snow." Get the car you want, and have a set of winter tires for when they're needed. BAM, you've got a car that is good in the snow.

Tires are what connect the vehicle to the ground. Tires matter FAR more than the type of vehicle.

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