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The unalienable right to guns argument goes back to the unalienable right to muskets, crossbows, swords, spears, clubs and rocks. Each in its own time was a weapon of assault and defense. However, there is a huge technological difference when it comes to guns as compared to the weapons that precede it. Especially with the advent of multi-round magazines and rapid fire weapons. Experts testified in federal courts that these kind of weapons are not intended for home/self-defense. Yet, people are buying them in record numbers. Why? Because they have the unalienable right to them? Then why not an unalienable right to much more technologically advanced and lethal weapons? Why not full on machine guns? Why not mortars, grenade and rocket launchers?

Seems to me, society decided to draw a line with respect to civilian access to certain weapons. Thus effectively putting limits on unalienable rights to guns. Limits that did not need to exist at inception of 2A, however, limits that were defined over time as weapon technology advanced.

More to the point of this discussion however, is the fact that since limits do exist on the unalienable rights to some guns. Perhaps those rights are not so unalienable after all? Pro-gun rights activists may not like it, but their rights for guns is NOT unalienable and is subject to limits set by society. Society that is less and less indulgent of the idea that Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness can only be assured by guns in the hands of an armed citizenry.

So maybe lets drop the pretense that your guns are an essential part of this democracy and your personal freedoms. What they are, are the vestiges of a false sense of security blanket that this nation has outgrown.

So, yeah: It no longer matters what the 2nd Amendment says as it has outlived it's purpose. It's well past time it was over-turned.
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