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I've had six doctor's appointments this week. Five were planned in advance, and one was a follow-up from one of those five appointments. It's nothing major, and not even for one thing, but holy crap, I am so glad to not have one today.

One of them was for my sense of smell, which got really messed up by probably-a-viral-infection. I still need an MRI. Spent like twenty minutes in the doctor's office answering questions, including a detailed discussion about the removal of my IUD in 2016. Yesterday, they called me to schedule the MRI...then told me they couldn't because I had an IUD. Nevermind that it's an MRI of my head, it used to be a copper IUD, and I don't have a fucking IUD. So, long call back, then a month out for the MRI. Because, you know, waiting doesn't happen in the US.

Then, that evening, I went to Target to try to buy some white chocolate caramel apple pie Dove pieces, which are exclusive to Target and which the store's website said they had in stock. Couldn't find any. Store's inventory said they had thirty two in stock. They could find zero of them, however, and suggested that, since I was running late (having grossly underestimated the time required to walk into a store and buy a thing) that I order it online. So I did.

They cancelled the order. That made me pretty furious. I just ordered them somewhere fifty miles away, and I'm going to pick them up on Saturday or something, but at that point, I'm really just doing this to spite our individual Target. So, basically, I'm driving to another city, to buy candy that I'm going to parcel out over the course of like two months, just because I'm too fucking stubborn to admit defeat.