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I'm so fucking frustrated. I'm waiting on a pathology report from a doctor visit two weeks ago. Last week the nurse left a message on my home phone (yes I have a landline) to call her. I called and left a message asking her to please call my cellphone. She called my home phone again the next day. I've now left four messages asking that she please call my cell and she called my home phone twice today. "We seem to be playing phone tag." NO, we are not playing phone tag. Someone is not paying attention to my messages. There is no option to speak to a live person. I just sent a message through their patient portal so hopefully someone will get the phone number to her. The office is closed on Friday so if I don't hear back from someone by tomorrow afternoon, I guess I'll have to go to the office and sit there until someone will talk to me. I don't want to worry through another weekend. Grrr.