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Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
Whatever the process, it would be fabulously expensive. The super rich/elite would, for all practical purposes, become a separate and very privileged race. The hoi polloi would continue to age normally and die because they simply wouldn't be able to afford the astronomically high cost of an extended life span. We see that principle in action now with "regular" health care. So many world wide die because they can't afford the medicine necessary to treat them.
This is it. There will be way too may people to find jobs for. There will be limited openings for the young, probably having to wait until there 30s or 40s to get a real position, and most will be maxed out in their earning potential by what we now call retirement age, they won't be getting incremental raises for hundreds of years. We'll have millions of people over the age of 65 trying desperately to hold on to their jobs knowing they can easily by replaced by someone making less. A situation we have now multiplied many times over. Those who can afford to grow extra old will resort to anything to maintain their status.

OTOH, I don't want to live hundreds of years. If I could restore some youth right now that would be great for a few more years, but I'm getting pretty bored and fed up with life anyway. One thing for sure, the societal hindrances to safe effective suicide will disappear even if only to keep the corpses from piling up on the streets.