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Originally Posted by Jonathan Chance View Post
Yes, complete biological stability just as now. There may be an issue with women's ova running out but I haven't done the research.
I dunno about that.
At birth, there are approximately 1 million eggs; and by the time of puberty, only about 300,000 remain. Of these, only 300 to 400 will be ovulated during a woman's reproductive lifetime. Fertility can drop as a woman ages due to decreasing number and quality of the remaining eggs.
The reason women run out of eggs is that the eggs age. If your elixir of vitality or whatever stops that, women would still have plenty of ova.

You could stipulate that menopause is kind of a secondary adolescence for women, so your elixir doesn't affect it (which would significantly reduce the proportion of women's lives when they can get pregnant without wanting to do so); but you'd still have to contend with freezing eggs. Even today, it's not uncommon for women to want to "keep their options open." I think harvesting and freezing some of a woman's eggs at puberty (maybe even at birth) would become almost routine. Better yet, get them all - more selection later and effective birth control right now.