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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
And why is it always the WOMEN who get surgically sterilized in these scenarios? It is MUCH easier and less risky to freeze sperm long term, and MUCH easier and less risky to remove a man's testicles than a woman's ovaries. There are cosmetic implants to remedy the cosmetic changes, and male hormones are just as easily replaced as female ones. So why does no one ever suggest doing this to the men, hmmm?
I agree, but I totally didn't expect to get an objection to birth control. (That's one of the things I like about the SDMB. It keeps you guessing.)

Anyway, I know you meant this as a rhetorical question, but there is a (non "Men are pigs") answer in this case. The OP said that people will still be able to procreate but also said women might run out of eggs, so it wasn't clear to me whether that meant people will still be able to procreate because women will continue to ovulate or if people will still be able to procreate because reproductive technology will continue to improve. For the paragraph in question, I assume the latter - in which case, eggs are the limiting factor. We don't really have to worry about sperm because men typically make them all day every day almost all their lives. (And by the way, if women continue to ovulate all their lives, freezing eggs will decline in popularity.)

However, I am going to back down a little. I don't think taking all of a woman's eggs will ever be popular (not unless science figures out a way to give women the benefits of estrogen without the inconvenience of menstruation), but some eggs even at birth definitely. And I think "routine" was probably too strong a word; I don't mean to suggest it would be mandatory or even universal, but I would expect it to be fully as popular as IVF.