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Originally Posted by cochrane View Post
I was thinking of this when I heard the news. Note that there are two stages of coolness in making that happen.

Cool 1: Seinfeld people thought it would be cool to have Fowler appear on Kramer's mock show.

Coo 2: Fowler was cool with appearing on the show.

Given the vast difference between a "show about nothing" and a wildlife guy, such meetings of the minds can't be common.

Looking at his IMDb page, this is his only appearance as himself on a scripted show.

He's listed as an actor playing a character in 3 things. One of them seems apt. The other two I wonder about. Esp. the listing for him playing a senator in the R-rated Little Laura and Big John. Maybe one of the many other Jim Fowlers?

I remember watching the original MoO Wild Kingdom on rainy Sunday afternoons as a kid, purely because the other two shows on were even worse.

Marlin Perkins was creepy.